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re:farm the city develops open tools for urban farmers and dedicates itself in providing people with tools to easily create, manage and visualize their urban farms; bringing the rhythms of nature, her diversity, richness and complexity to citizens; creating social networks, software and hardware to help the production and consumption of products produced locally. with techniques and methods that respect the environment, re:farm the city promotes sustainable agriculture, science, plant biodiversity and the local cuisine recipes, retrieving the rural wisdom to the cities, working toward a more balanced society, educated, richer, healthier, and ultimately more sustainable. re:farm the city originated from barcelona’s hangar media lab and madrid’s medialab-prado, is an open source collective with ever-expanding members. since 2008 re:farm the city has held workshops in barcelona, madrid, gijon, buenos aires, paris, new york, beijing, são paulo and many others cities. these workshops take on the refarm’s ever-in development hardwares and software as starting point to further engage local eco-techno minded artists, programmers, hackers, builders and mostly common folks. re:farm the city does not come with readymade toolboxes, rather it offers adaptable technologies towards solutions and application. it forsakes the packaged, exportable display models as it seeks local resource and recycled materials to reinvent electronic tools and object designs that consider needs and accessibilities. re:farm the city holds workshops for hands on know-how design, build, monitor, manage, and share small-scale urban farms constructed with local found resources. in 2011, re:farm the city further research and development a smart phone application to connect urban farmers (a la social network mode) during visualizer workshop at medialab-prado in madrid. currently re:farm the city is engaged in multi-city parallel activities, including taula amiga social farm (tarragona, spain) and quirohort farm (barcelona, spain) where both projects aims to find a model of sustainable city that considers the use of water, energy, materials and waste in food consumption building local networks of knowledge, recycling and composting. in 2016 CIMNE gets involved with re:farm project to further develop open hardware and software tools

check here the blog of this project development.

Personal tools

I - built soil
II - farm containers
III - seeds
IV - watering systems
V - electronics
VI - software tools
VII - sensors and actuators
VIII - tools
IX - collective urban farms