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wood is our most important raw material. is renewable, cheap and easy to work with. preserving wood is fundamental to help your structures live longer. the wood must be hydrated or better said "oiltrated" once a year. it's important to keep the wood out of permanent contact with water. here you find wood treatments that are able to make in a urban environment. our techniques involve old cooking oil and if you need to seal completely the wood you can use a mix of cactus juice, salt, clay and water or buy materials like latex.


get sandpaper and give a nice sanding. if the container will be reachable for kids give a extra sanding.


(NEVER use car oil) get used cooking oil. you can get it for a local restaurant and you probably have your oil savings that you can also use. the first days will be smelly but it goes away :)


paint every conner and in the next day give another cover.

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