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really, you can use everything to be a container. the best container is the one that you have :) but be careful with the materials that are in touch with the soil. paint, verniz, industrial oils, unknow providence and suspicious appearance are good indicators ;) a good soil is like a sponge, it absorbs everything. if the materials are not contaminated so there is no danger of migration of stuff you don't want to have in your food. DIT your container is always a good start to make friends so we divided this wiki in models that are easy to build. the materials are discarded from city trash so you probably need to adapt to your location. this models are like “standards” to our electronic tools and software. for example in the XS you have one humidity sensor but for the XL you need more. this containers will be our main focus to calibrate the electronic boards and design the presets.

design: hernani
design: hernani
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I - built soil
II - farm containers
III - seeds
IV - watering systems
V - electronics
VI - software tools
VII - sensors and actuators
VIII - tools
IX - collective urban farms