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welcome to our wiki :) here you find all the tools that we have been working with and all the tools we have crossed and said uau :) this is our repository of knowledge and proved/in dev technologies. it's organized from the beginning, before you start growing vegetables you must fist build soil. then goes to farm containers, the seeds db, the watering systems you can apply, the electronics for controlling and monitoring, the software tools that we design, sensors, fundamental tools for a urban farmer and finally community urban farms that we started and use for research. please if you know of any gadget, tool, if you want to participate or if you feel that we are missing something fundamental please, drop us a line ;)

enjoy this wiki and all the experiments that you are going to make. feel free to change everything. this wiki has cc.by.nc.sa if you would like to publish your developments please ask us so that we can give you grant access to our blog and dropbox.

for now large files and code all remains in the dropbox. we'll give you access if you tell us your plan ;)

take care of you and your vegetables ;)

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I - built soil
II - farm containers
III - seeds
IV - watering systems
V - electronics
VI - software tools
VII - sensors and actuators
VIII - tools
IX - collective urban farms